Vitamin D 120 Gel Caps

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    Vitamin D3 500iu capsules

    Vitamin D capsules

    120 gel caps

    £6.20 £4.50

    …of vitamin D including, Vitamin D Spray for Adults, Vitamin D Spray for Kids or Truefood Supernutrition Plus, which provides high levels of a food-state form of Vitamin D within a multivitamin and mineral formulation. Please note that due to local import restrictions on products containing Vitamin D

    Nails & Hair Formula

    Hair and nail supplements with with collagen

    120 gel caps


    …feeling nails and healthy looking hair, with a potent blend of quality, natural ingredients. Each supplement contains a harmonious blend of vitamin C, MSM, zinc and biotin, which not only supports the maintenance of normal nails, but also contributes to healthy hair. Take up to four capsules…