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    High Fibre Vitality Shake

    Suitable for a low GI diet

    270 g veg pdr


    …Also contains oat bran, quinoa, rice, soya and beet fibre Ideal mixed with ½ pint skimmed milk, soya milk, rice milk or juice Contains Vitamin A. Do not take if pregnant or planning pregnancy Contains nuts Why is it a superfood? Because it has an array of essential vitamins, minerals and fibre

    Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

    Subtle apple taste, with 'mother'

    350 ml


    …naturally occurring pectin, trace minerals and enzymes Mix into salad dressings, sauces, marinades and pickling recipes Can also be diluted and used as a skin toner, hair rinse or on abrasions Why is it a superfood? It has been prized for centuries as a tasty food with all round health benefits.


    Green superfood

    180 veg tabs


    …round and especially if you are on a cleansing programme or your diet is nutrient deficient. Chlorella is a fresh water alga often termed a ‘superfood’ Contains a rich source of many vitamins and minerals One of the best, and widely used, sources of chlorophyll known as the ‘green blood of plant…

    Organic Cold Milled Flax Seeds

    High in fibre, full of omega 3’s

    This product is currently out of stock

    Nutty-tasting Organic Cold Milled Flax Seeds are an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, dietary fibre and protein. Flax seeds also provide Omega 6, Omega 9 and lignans. Delicious nutty-tasting, 100% organic High in fibre, protein and provides healthy lignans Also provides Omega 6 and Omega 9…


    Natural alternative to sugar

    300 gr granules


    …way as sugar and is perfect for making jam Minimal impact on blood sugar, therefore ideal for those monitoring blood sugar levels Why is this a superfood? Because it provides a healthy alternative to sugar and is useful as part of a weight management plan Since ZyloSweet inhibits yeast, it cannot be…

    Organic Raw Walnut Butter

    Deliciously rich & smooth, high in polyunsaturates

    200 g

    £11.45 £8.50

    …bread, toast, muffins and raw or cooked vegetables or mixed with pasta, rice and in salad dressings High in fibre and rich in Omegas 3, 6, and 9 Extracted from superior quality, organically grown, untoasted raw walnuts Why is it a superfood? It has great health benefits with lots of culinary uses

    Aloe Gold Natural

    High potency soother

    1000 ml


    …measurement of mucinous polysaccharide content, which is important for health benefits and you should look for at least 17,000. So why is it a superfood? Because it’s a great all-rounder with proven health benefits, over many thousands of years. High potency, whole leaf juice - great for inside and…

    Aloe Gold Cherry/Cranberry

    High potency, whole leaf

    485 ml


    …acids. It appears to exert health benefits internally and externally and was also hailed as the ‘Elixir of Youth’ by Cleopatra. So why is it a superfood? Because it’s a great all-rounder with proven health benefits, over many thousands of years. Deliciously flavoured with 7% unsprayed Cherry and…

    Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

    Full coconut flavour and aroma

    400 g


    …source of energy and supports weight management Great non-dairy alternative to butter or margarine Does not raise cholesterol levels Why is it a superfood? – because it’s a safe oil to heat and use in baking If you'd like to get all the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil but without the coconut flavour,…

    Organic Sprouted Flax Seeds

    A living 'Superfood'

    250 g


    …digestible and gentle on the stomach Naturally sweet, delicious blended into drinks, smoothies, yoghurts or sprinkled over breakfast cereal Also tastes great straight from the spoon Cholesterol-free Why are they a superfood? Because they provide loads of nutrients in an easily digestible form.

    Organic Coconut Oil

    Dairy-free spread, perfect cooking oil

    400 g


    …polyunsaturated oils Excellent non-dairy alternative to butter or margarine Use on crackers, bread or muffins Cholesterol-free. Why is it a superfood?  Because it’s a safe oil to heat and use in baking. If you'd like to get all the benefits of Coconut Oil but with the full coconut flavour, you…

    Organic Cold Milled Hemp Protein

    100% organic, complete vegetable protein

    250 g


    …Plus and water Excellent vegetarian/vegan protein source with the added benefit of high fibre Helps manage appetite and weight by promoting a feeling of fullness Not suitable for cooking No added sugar Why is this a superfood? Because it’s a complete protein which vegans find difficult to obtain

    Organic Flax Seed Oil

    Beautiful golden oil

    350 ml


    Nutty tasting, 100% organic, unrefined, cold-pressed oil High source of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids Ideal used on salad dressings and drizzled onto vegetables Not suitable for cooking Cholesterol-free Vegetarian and vegan Also available as Flax Seed Oil capsules.

    Fruit Boost Plus (formerly Easy 3)

    Delicious whole fruit and vegetable drink

    225 g veg pdr


    This delicious, fruity smoothie provides one or more of your five recommended daily portions of fruit and vegetables from whole apples, blueberries, tomatoes and broccoli sprouts, with added Vitamin C, and is a good source of fibre. Sweetened with fruit sugar and tooth-friendly xylitol. Made from…

    Energy Breakfast Shake

    Soya free, with cranberry & spirulina

    270 g veg pdr

    £17.95 £13.45

    …support energy Contains Cranberry and Spirulina Great alternative breakfast providing complex carbohydrates Soya and nut free High in fibre and plant protein, low in fat, sweetened with whole apples Why is it a superfood? Because it packs a punch of nutrients, whilst filling you up at the same time!