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    Replacement Heads For The Ionic Toothbrush

    4 Replacement Heads

    This product is currently out of stock

    Sorry, we are not longer able to supply replacement heads.  They are still available from other online retailers. 

    Ion5 Ionic Toothbrush

    Light Activated Ionic Toothbrush

    This product is currently out of stock

    This Ionic Toothbrush contains a photosensitive titanium dioxide rod. When exposed to light and water, the rod releases ions which help to remove dental plaque. Patented ionic oral care Hi-tech plaque fighter Promotes easier flossing Anti-bacterial titanium rod Attacks stubborn stains Oxygenating…

    Ultratrace ™

    Trace mineral drops

    57 ml


    Premier trace mineral supplement from the Great Salt Lake Highly absorbable, in ionic, not colloidal trace mineral form for enhanced absorption Low Sodium balanced by Potassium Supports the nervous system and hydration Suitable for those on normal or Sodium-restricted diets Helps support diets where…