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    Ion5 Ionic Toothbrush

    Light Activated Ionic Toothbrush

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    …rod, which is a semiconductor. When exposed to light (a plain light bulb, a fluorescent tube or daylight), the rod releases negative ions, which pull positive ions from the plaque on your teeth, and the plaque disintegrates. The new improved handle design in the J3X incorporates a solar panel at the…

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    …order. As you can see this represents extraordinary value! When you join you can also choose one of our free membership gifts, in this the Power of Pink book. As well as providing general information on Astaxanthin this booklet also gives an overview of it’s many uses. Author: Emma Wells Dip ION

    The Power of Pink Book

    The discovery of Astaxanthin – an extraordinary nutrient

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    …astaxanthin is an alga, haematococcus pluvialis, from which it can now be extracted. This book provides a fascinating insight into its far-reaching benefits to health, back-up by the latest research, and explains its potential uses within the world of natural healthcare. Author: Emma Wells Dip ION