Higher Natural Saltpipe

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    Higher Nature Saltpipe ® Mini Inhaler

    Mini salt pipe for easy breathing

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    Higher Nature Saltpipe ® Mini. The effectiveness of The Higher Nature Saltpipe ® has been proven in clinical trials. The Higher Nature Saltpipe ® is a registered Class IIa medical device. At first you may experience some coughing or sneezing, as your system clears, this is normal. The Higher Nature

    Higher Nature Saltpipe® Inhaler

    Bringing the benefits of salt mine therapy to your home

    1 Kit


    …system disorders. The Higher Nature Saltpipe with salt from the Transylvanian Praid Salt Mine, is a handy inhaler that brings the benefits of salt mine therapy to your home. Its salty microclimate calms the cells of the respiratory system and induces their natural self-cleansing mechanism.…

    Replacement Saltbags

    Compatible with the Saltpipe Mini

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    …the Saltpipe Mini only • Contains Miocene salt crystals from the Transylvanian Praid Salt Mine • Therapeutic treatment to aid the respiratory system  Replacement Saltbags for The Higher Nature Saltpipe™ Mini. Please note that replacement saltbags are only compatible with the Higher Nature Saltpipe™