Brain Nutrients 180

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    Brain Nutrients

    Food for the brain

    180 veg caps


    …phospholipids and amino acids to optimise the function of the brain, for healthy concentration, memory and learning. Choline is essential for normal brain and nervous system development and function. It is a building block for the brain messenger acetylcholine and helps maintain memory and support…

    H Factors

    Homocysteine & heart nutrients

    180 veg caps

    £50.70 £38.00

    …Zinc, each known to assist this process. Powerful formula for helping maintain healthy homocysteine levels Low homocysteine levels are important for healthy heart, brain, nervous system and liver Vitamins B6, B12, TMG and folic acid work together to maintain homocysteine levels in the normal range

    Positive Outlook

    Healthy brain messages

    180 veg caps

    £57.35 £43.00

    …under stress. 5-HTP is used by the body for neurotransmitter production and, therefore, has a role to play in maintaining normal nerve and brain function. The amino acid Tri-Methyl Glycine (betaine) contributes to normal homocysteine metabolism by providing methyl groups to support healthy…